Hello Influencers, Shay Lewis-Sisco, aka, ShaySpeaks, is ready to inspire the influencer in you!


Shay Lewis-Sisco- Speaker, Influencer, Author, Life & Career Advocate, also known as ShaySpeaks, is a native of Cambridge, Maryland. It was though her personal turmoil and life experiences that inspired her spiritual awakening and ignited her passion to walk into her purpose. She the Founder and visionary of the WOW Inspired Movement. Shay is a super authentic power house, and a "no holds barred" type of woman who is ready to inspire "the influencer" in you.


“A prayer and a smile is key to living!! No matter what life throws at you remember to pray always and smile often!”

- Shay Lewis-Sisco “ShaySpeaks”


“You have to know the test of life will come but you MUST refuse to compromise who you have become for the person you used to be! You can NOT afford to go back.”