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I will admit that I am not perfect. I don’t try to be perfect, nor do I pretend to be perfect. Life is a journey, not a race. Many are fascinated with popularity through the number of followers or likes on social media. In contrast, what makes the difference to me is the ability to impact at least one life before closing my eyes for final resting. The moment you identify your purpose is the exact moment you accept hardship, opposition, and challenges. These are all addition that comes with the pursuit of purpose. See purpose comes with a price. One that is not discounted and never on sale.

I have recognized that the foundation of my purpose was not built on the thoughts, opinions, or desires of others or myself. The bigger picture was that purpose does not mean perfection, but it does mean persistence. Persistence is the knowledge that as we are called to change the world for others, we have a greater call to change introspectively, look within and make the necessary changes to become better for ourselves. Many spend time, money, energy, and resources on social media marketing, making consistent content that shows up as the expert in their field but lacks character development. Consistency in content is not relevant when there is a lack of consistency in character. Today’s challenge is to reflect on your progress and celebrate the pain that catapults your character development. Please don’t neglect your impact even when people aren’t engaging but take hope in knowing they are journeying with you.

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