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Starting seems so hard when you feel that you don’t have what you need in order to be successful. This was the primary reason that I was stuck, stagnate and not moving forward in my purpose. Often times we sit back and we measure our skills and abilities based on the false perception that others are better than us. Society has a way of making us feel that if we don’t have the right materials, people or amount of money then it is no need to get started. We tend to talk ourselves out of the promise before we even begin the process based off a false perception of what could be. However, what would happened if I told you it is the very thought that is keeping you in prison to a process that God has already delivered you from? Yes, that’s right! GOD has released you and given you permission to grow, but you remain stuck and hesitant. So, you sit waiting for people to validate the purpose that GOD has spoken concerning you and your life. Let me be the first to admit this was me! I promise you, I heard GOD loud and clear when he spoke to my spirit saying SHAY SPEAK, I have given you the words and so GrOw forth! Then the scripture Psalm 81:10 (NIV) “I am the Lord your God, who brought you up out of Egypt. Open wide your mouth and I will fill it”. Although I heard him, it wasn’t enough to release me from the prison that I put myself in too often.

I sought out help from others to try to have it all together professionally before speaking. I hated my voice; I didn’t think I could speak eloquently enough for someone to listen to me. Half of the time, I would speak in meetings at work or in conversation I remember trying to say something and used the wrong word in context. Talking about embarrassed, my was it shameful. Of course I would say, "I shouldn’t have said nothing at all" because the devil made me feel that I made a shame of myself. I explored going to speaking events and networking with other speakers but still didn’t feel like I belonged. I would be at events and people would be introducing themselves with huge titles and had followings. One day I remember embracing myself before accepting that I am ME and shall be in this moment. Loud and all, "I said heyy yalll heyy, my name is Shay and I am glad to be here with some amazing folks. I don’t have a business YET but I am in the business of being the fullness of who I am and evolving to who GOD designed me to become". I sat down after my introduction nervous but excited that I had really built the courage in that moment to just be me without apology. The event goes on and everyone is networking, handing out business cards which all I had was my social media handles and phone number to give. I was elated and met some amazing people but after the event, I only had two that stayed in touch on a weekly basis. I will admit that I enjoyed myself but as the same time, I still battled with feeling inadequate because I didn’t have all the STUFF. No business, business cards, mics, cameras, lights or the look (make-up, fancy outfits). I had sessions with coaches who gave me just enough to make me feel like I was moving forward but left me more confused with the next step. Not that they weren’t good coaches, but because my learning style was very different.

Then, one day GOD said “enough is enough, you have work to do. You don’t need the stuff; you simply need to start right where you stand. Trust me!" I jumped out and started to swim, but was coasting because I took my phone, propped it and went live. From there I just started speaking what GOD had put on my heart. I shared the news about the upcoming book project that I was working on called "Breaking the Code of Silence, NOW" and shared the news about me finally registering the business "WOW Inspired". I expressed that WOW was an acronym that stands for Wisdom Optimizes Winning and that we must apply wisdom that we have gained through experience in our response to optimize winning in our lives daily. As I shared to be completely honest, I had no clue of the direction the business. I just knew that GOD was pushing me to launch a business and kept reminding me to brand ShaySpeaks because of the delivery and direction he was giving me to speak, what he wanted me to say was going to be a blessing to many. That was more than enough, for me to start! So, I say to you today, no more contemplating START RIGHT WHERE YOU STAND! Speak, launch the business, re-enroll in school, finish that degree and know that as long as you know the purpose, you don’t need the plans. “Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails” (Proverbs 19:21 NIV). As you proceed, be open to change and know that if your original plans don’t work then it simply means that GOD’s purpose is GREATER! Look no further, START RIGHT WHERE YOU STAND!

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